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Lone Wolf Pack

A Mastermind Group for Next Gen Visionaries

Image by Thomas Kinto

Become an Embodied Agent of Light

Get Clear and Shine Your Light in The World.

Step into abundance, a healthy and honest relationship with money, and a vibrational alignment with what is wanted to be created through you.

Lone Wolf Pack: Services

Who This is For

Our Collective is filled with people who are pursuing entrepreneurship as a spiritual path.
This is for you if:
1. You have a project / soul's calling you're called to bring into the world
2. You know there is a possibility to embody your potential and freedom while earning a livelihood and sharing your gifts to create a more beautiful and loving world
3. You are exploring your relationship with money
4. You are curious about manifestation and how to bring your vision into reality
5. You have dreams for a better world to live in, for all of us to enjoy now and for generations to come
6. You are feeling alone in your exploration of your innate gifts and want to join a community of others who are in the same exploration
7. You feel like you have outgrown your life, career, and job and are wondering what is next for you
8. You are wondering what is your gift and how you should spend your time and want to be around others who are having a similar experience
9. You are feeling a major shift happening in you, as you, and want support expressing and feeling through this transition
10. You want to do healing and transformational work without the fluff. You're interested in results and making progress in your development and evolution without spending decades in therapy and hundreds of thousands of dollars on transformation retreats, programs, and experiences.
111. Feeling like you are holding yourself back and want to live unleashed, uninhibited, and free.
12. Most of our clients have a 6 figure business (usually making north of $500k/ year) and are looking to grow to 7 or 8 figures a year without being "had by" their business. Meaning lifestyle and freedom are a higher priority than income.

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Outstanding Quality


Being the Light

Collective Intelligence

The Genius Between Us

From Stress to Strong

Embodying Higher Energetic Throughput and Stability in Intensity


Truly Top-Notch


Sourcing Wisdom and Knowing from The Body

Collective Emergence

Birthing New Potentials

Competitive Pricing

Only the Best

Lone Wolf Pack: Features

A Larger Possibility

Serving a Larger Whole

This program attracts a collective of human beings passionate about creating the most good for the most number of people

We ask ourselves:

"what can we do through me?"

"what can we create together?"

"what is it that I can't not do in this lifetime?"

We lovingly call ourselves a lone wolf pack because many of us have outgrown the story for the life we were supposed to live and have ventured out into the unknown to discover what we feel most called to be in the world.

Through both healing and awakening journeys, we have come to know deeper truths about reality and ways of being that want to come online for humanity in this time.

By coming together, we are supporting, catalyzing, and witnessing each other in flourishing most fully in our individual expression of the beauty we all are and always have been.

This is possibly the most important work in service of humanity and collective evolution at this time.

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Image by Marek Szturc

Lone Wolf Pack

Join a Pack of Other Lone Wolves

Leaving consensus reality and taking the road less travelled oftentimes leaves us feeling alone. We go through a period of time feeling isolated, solitary, and on our own. This is healthy and important, and it isn't permanent. Later, we connect to like-minded others on a similar journey and create a new collective - a pack of lone wolves.

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6 Month Collective Experience

Next Level Mentorship + Community + Collective Intelligence + Collective Emergence

96 Group Coaching Calls

4 Days / Week for 6 Months

Collective Intelligence

Explore your unboundedness and limitations with the support and wisdom of others.

Networking + Community

Take your relationships to the next level

Lifelong Friendships

Have the chance to see and be seen in a community of trusted others.

Forest Home
Lone Wolf Pack: Products

Facilitation Team

Where the Passion Begins

Forrest Wilson

Founder and Facilitator

Hey Everyone! Welcome to Energetics of Money!!

** Add my personal story and why this is important to me **

Why do I care about this?

For years I've travelled planet earth looking for a few things:

1. Opportunities to share my gifts and create a more beautiful world. I've always been a future oriented person, wanting to work in startups, with technology, and support people who are pioneers of what is possible.

2. To be paid well for the services I offer. I give everything I have to the projects I take on, and I like to be paid well for my contributions. Getting paid to be in our gift is a value for me.

3. A woman who I can call my wife and make a mother of our family. I get that I will have 5 kids, and family is incredibly important to me. I'm not settling, nor closing on the opportunity that this will manifest.

4. To be around conscious and aware people who are living into and as the experience of Being True Nature.

5. Finding healers, mystics, shamans, intuitive, energy workers, and practitioners who are supportive in the healing, development, and awakening process.

6. Experiencing culture, language, dance, rhythm, systems, institutions, money, food, cuisine, and lifestyle of different people on our planet.

I have long looked for a community where I feel at home in exploring these territories. To this day, I haven't found a collective that resonates for the calling in my heart. Today, I finally feel the nudge to begin convening this community.

You are invited to join if this feels like a fit to you.

What I/We care about:

1. Being embodied examples of the emerging economy

2. Health, vibrancy, aliveness, vitality, innateness, embodiment, and wellbeing

3. Planetary systems - envisioning empowered futures for us to enjoy and for generations to come - in service of thriving on Planet Earth and Beyond.

4. Brotherhood - an intentional culture where we collectively rise and thrive together. Bringing forth empowerment dynamics and new ways of orienting in relationship with other men.

5. Family. Showing up as a husband and father in ways we feel strong, capable, resourced, and supported in.


Lone Wolf Pack: Team Members

In Person Opportunities

As this grows, we intend to begin convening in person gatherings for 4-7 days around the world. These would provide opportunities to co-live and co-work with other high performance impact agents who are passionate about wellbeing, embodiment, planetary systems, wholeness, consciousness work, and showing up in life, business, relationship, and the world.

We could also do month long caravans if there is demand for them

Incubator Launch Weekends

Community Development Weekends

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