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Sourcing The Code

Installing An Upgraded Human Operating System

Experiments in Collective Emergence. Together, we will pioneer into possibilities and collectively discover and emerge orientations, practices, networks, flows, transitions, throughputs, and architecture to support an energetic threshold in mutual collective power that supports a new way of being.

Playing beyond the leading edge of consciousness

Sourcing the Code: Features

Focuses and Benefits

Evolving As We Do


Step beyond the leading edge of consciousness and illuminate new moments into the light of awareness


Enter into sacred relationship with money as partner, guide, and catalyst for awakening and illumined living.

Community - A Collective Experience

Experience unbounded creative coherence with people, collectives, fields, and Source.


Process trauma, wounds, and shadow issues in a loving and healing container


Open up subtle and mystical capacities that are dormant and innate in your body and being.

Collective Emergence

Experience what's possible with a group of human beings who are open, activated, and online.

Sourcing the Code: Features


A 6 Month Evolutionary Journey
3 In-Person Weekends
Regular Weekly Calls
Backup and 1 on 1 Support Available
Noon - 1:30pm EST | 4:00 - 5:30 pm GMT
on Zoom

Weekend 1

September 24 - 27

11am - 12pm EST

6pm - 7pm (GMT+2)

Gathering in Boulder, Colorado.

Weekend 2

November 24 - 27

9am - 10am EST

4pm - 5pm (GMT+2)

Boulder, Colorado.

Weekend 3

January  24 - 27

9am - 10am EST

4pm - 5pm (GMT+2)

Boulder, Colorado.

Sourcing the Code: Schedule

Get Started Now

Sourcing The Code is available to join and actively participate in today. What that looks like is 1 on 1 support with Forrest Wilson that will transition to group coaching and facilitation with Forrest and Stéphane as the program scales.

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Sourcing the Code Intentional Culture

We invite you and encourage you to take a salt bath in the 48 hours leading up to The Twinkle Field call.

You are welcome to take a salty bath during The Twinkle Field call. We regularly do :) It is a norm in our culture to take salty baths while in Twinkle Fields.

Flow, don't force. Healing is a natural and organic process happening all the time. We invite you to connect to the flow of healing and try to force any healing to happen.

Disclaimers for events and Twinkle Field:

  1. This is a space, like any space, where you can get triggered.

  2. You are responsible for your triggers and how you are manufacturing them.

  3. You are responsible for your state, for your healing, and for your own well-being

  4. We are here loving you, caring for you, and accepting you unconditionally as you are.

  5. Healing is possible for you here. We don’t guarantee your healing

  6. You are completely free to come and not enjoy and receive the gifts of the space

  7. Our responsibility is to show up regulated and coherent. You are free to receive this transmission or not

Sourcing the Code: Text

Price List

Available Now



Group Coaching Calls
Group Practitioner Training Calls
Online Community
Weekly Community Calls (Twinkle Field)
2 In Person Conferences (Boston + Austin)
Weekly 1 on 1 Coaching Calls with Forrest (24 total calls)

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Group Coaching Calls
Group Practitioner Training Calls
Online Community
Weekly Community Calls (Twinkle Field)
2 In Person Conferences (Boston + Austin)

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Group Coaching Calls
Group Practitioner Training Calls
Online Community
Weekly Community Calls (Twinkle Field)

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Sourcing the Code: Price List

Sourcing the Code Facilitators

Welcoming You Into Essential Wholeness


Stéphane Segatori

Stéphane Segatori is the Co-Founder of Light in Action and Director of the We-Flow Lab in Amsterdam. With a background in Business Intelligence (18 years) & MBTI Coaching, Stéphane studied the hidden links between organizations, human potential and states of consciousness. A sportsman and team player at the core, Stéphane trained and facilitated within Integral communities in the U.S., Paris, & finally Amsterdam.


Forrest Wilson

Forrest Wilson is a coach, facilitator, and Founder of Light in Action, an incubator for wholeness designed to support people pursuing the mystical path. His work assimilates a variety of healing, awareness, and we-space capacities. Forrest is passionate about human potential, transformational healing work, and creating a future where we can collectively thrive. Forrest supports his clients to access a way of living and being where we feel palpably alive and free.



We invite the consciousness of money to join us in The Twinkle Field. You have the opportunity to speak directly to and listen directly from money. We’ve found Twinkle Field participants experience profound transformation in relationship to the consciousness of money and manifestation. We welcome you into this new way of relating with money.

Sourcing the Code: Team Members
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