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Incubator Weekend
Draper, Utah!

Experience Our Emerging Future Now

Thursday Apr. 13 - Sunday Apr. 16, 2022
Draper, Utah

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Weekend Flow

How this works:

We will ask you at the beginning of the weekend, "What if everything we need is already here?" And share that we are here to support you in going where you want to go, working through what you want to work through, and navigating your inner territory.

At the same time, it is your responsibility to get what you need out of this weekend. At the beginning and end of each day, we will invite you to consider what you are most wanting to receive, resolve, and work through during our time together. We are here, holding you in unconditional love, and available to support you in your unfolding.

In summary, we are about:

  1. Letting go of what isn’t serving us to open up and embody more fully the truth of who we all are and always have been

  2. Dive into the depths: Healing, unwinding, unearthing our blocks and constrictions. 

  3. Having a shit ton of fun with fellow change makers

  4. Downloading our emerging future into this moment

  5. Field Stabilization - Integration and action on what's most essential

Thursday Evening: Heaven is Here Dinner + Collective Immersion

Friday and Saturday: 2 days of all-encompassing transforming and action facilitating most "Essential Emergence" - most powerful emergence from essence.

Sunday: Integration and closing flow

Utah Weekend 3: Text

Your Most Essential Emergence

Emerging Your Essence

In our work, we support clients to access the truth of who they are and flourish into the world most fully.

In the journey to connecting with and embodying our Essence, we often come into contact with layers of conditioning, shadow, trauma, blocks, constrictions, and stuck energy.

We support ourselves in each other to resolve, dissolve, release, and let go of what isn't the truth of who we are so we can open up to embody most fully the essence of who we've always been.

Utah Weekend 3: Text

Who is going to be there?

We are holding space for an ecosystem of conscious change makers to be empowered and supported in actualizing and realizing their most beautiful, true, innate embodied expression in a community of people on a shared journey.

Utah Weekend 3: Text

Hear from Past Participants

Utah Weekend 3: Testimonials

“My time in the Light In Action incubator was a holy and transformative experience. As our interaction began, I experienced a sense of receiving and remembering who I am, and have always been, with more clarity and power than I’ve experienced since I was a young child. I felt relief, wonder and hope for myself, my purpose in this life, and the lives of my young children, and the future they have the opportunity to grow into. Throughout the day, I was held in an energetic container that seemed to shift, align and settle various layers of my being- mind, body, heart and soul. As I went home each night to rest, process and integrate my time with the facilitators during the day, I felt a deeper understanding and embodiment of Love in its truest offering, and knew myself to be a vessel for this Love as I move through my experience of this life.
I have sought out healing, health and growth in an expansive variety of ways, and spent thousands and thousands of dollars to experience wellbeing and peace. I value all that I have learned through my seeking, and intend to continue growing and learning, but what I experienced during Light in Action brought me back to life- life being a full embodiment of the potential this human experience is offering me, and each of us. To really live with hope and intrinsic purpose in my heart, not just my imagination or as a bandaid for a story about life, feels freeing. I am deeply grateful for what these practitioners have organized, and thank them for re-igniting the belief in me that there is unlimited potential waiting to be born through each of us.”

Mary Maxfield

Mom, Coach, and Community Builder

Money Exchange

Payment can be made by credit card over phone or through Venmo @forrestbwilson.

You will receive confirmation and additional information after registration.

Incubator Weekend


The weekend workshop

4 Days including the Light in Action Dinner

+ 10 Hours Integration Support after Retreat

Ticket price does not include overnight accommodation + food.

Utah Weekend 3: Services


Where the Passion Begins

4 practitioners on cutting edge of consciousness, healing, and evolutionary work.


Kim Barta

Kim Barta is an internationally recognized psychotherapist and speaker. He works with the entire spectrum of human development from infants to the elderly and specializes in working with advanced developmental level individuals. Kim conducts workshops internationally on human development and the evolution of consciousness. He focuses on practical, embedded, experiential, embodied exercises that make a real difference in people's lives, bringing the mystical to the ordinary for everyday bliss.


Alexander Love, M.Ac, PCC, NCC

Alexander Love, M.Ac, PCC, NCC, is a renowned teacher, acupuncturist and coach. He is on faculty at the Newfield Network, a leading coach training organization. Alexander is a developmental coach who specializes in transformational shadow work. He works with a wide range of individuals spanning the developmental spectrum which includes providing support for those in the latest stages of human development. Currently, Alexander is working on a book that is a synthesis of eastern wisdom with western developmental research to provide the coach with a deep understanding of how we grow up through stages of meaning making and how this knowledge is essential for supporting our clients.


Landon Khau

Landon Khau is a chiropractor and functional movement practitioner passionate about healing, development, and awakening work. Landon supports people embodying their innate potential and allowing healing to flow through the body more freely. He enjoys playing frisbee, golf, and basketball as ways to "workout" and help humans connect to the joy of being alive.


Stéphane Segatori

Stéphane Segatori is the Co-Founder of Light in Action and Director of the We-Flow Lab in Amsterdam. With a background in Business Intelligence (18 years) & MBTI Coaching, Stéphane studied the hidden links between organizations, human potential and states of consciousness. A sportsman and team player at the core, Stéphane trained and facilitated within Integral communities in the U.S., Paris, & finally Amsterdam.


Forrest Wilson

Forrest Wilson is a coach, facilitator, and Founder of Light in Action, an incubator for wholeness designed to support people pursuing the mystical path. His work assimilates a variety of healing, awareness, and we-space capacities. Forrest is passionate about human potential, transformational healing work, and creating a future where we can collectively thrive. Forrest supports his clients to access a way of living and being where we feel palpably alive and free.

Utah Weekend 3: Team Members
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