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First Cohort Launched Tuesday, June 14, 2022

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An incubator for the Soul, for geniuses called to access 100% of their capacities in service of creating a more beautiful world and running on empty, struggling with overwhelm, too much information, model making, conceptualizing, synthesizing, and planning.

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Forrest and Stéphane exploring their passion for Light in Action and what this container makes possible

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Awareness-based Technologies


Twinkle Field

Embodying Vivacious and Resourced Aliveness

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Unified Fields of Coherence

A Bridge Between Heaven and Earth



Intentional Culture and Collective Flow State for Conscious Businesses

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You Are The Content!

Your Business, Challenges, Purpose, and Well-being

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Life Integration Container

We see a huge gap in the world of transformation and consciousness work.

Almost every offer is focused on expansion and offering peak experiences. Whether it is psychedelics, meditation, or a range of other modalities, the challenge is always integrating the experience into daily life.

What if you could access the limitlessness, freedom, flow, and wellbeing available to you in these peak experiences in everyday life?

In Light in Action, we are inviting the possibility of integrating your previous peak experiences into your daily life, livelihood, relationships, and life purpose.

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Three Full Day Action Containers

The most productive three days of your life. We will gather for a full day of flow and presence. One container at the beginning, middle, and end of the program.

Bi-Weekly Unified Field of Coherence

Flow more Fully ~ A 2 hour call every other week for you to dive into the depths of your being in a safe and loving collective.

24/7 on call backup available

Instant support available to get you back into flow

Weekly Life Integration and Action Container

Get your most important actions done, right now. New practices every week adapted to what is happening in your life right now. Includes weekly pulse check on your well being and livelihood

Completion Community Demo Day

Share and celebrate what you’ve accomplished, with community and interested others. Open to public!

24/7 Co-Flow

24/7 Access to the “We-Flow” zoom room to co-flow & work around others

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Making Well-being and Flow Persistent

Well-being and flow are aspects of our true nature.
The role of Light in Action is to remove the barriers and make space for embodying our true nature more fully.

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Who is this program for?

Entrepreneurs, activists, leaders, and guides who are interested in living in a perpetual state of flow and well being


Light in Action

Starts April 14, 2023


Light in Action includes:
3 Full Day Immersive Action Containers
Weekly Life Integration and Action Container
Bi-Weekly Unified Field of Coherence
Completion Community Demo Day
24/7 On Call Backup Available
24/7 Co-Flow

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Impact Accounting

Impact Guaranteed

We only want to be paid for impact we've given. We do monthly check ins to ensure this program is creating a direct positive impact in your life

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